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Document Management For Bookkeepers & Accountants

Wednesday, June 26th 2013


More so than your average industry, financial professionals need a document management system that allows them to categorize, store and retrieve documents easily. With the demand to store documents like invoices, bills, bank statements and more, having good document management software is important. And when you’re a bookkeeper or accountant, you need more than just a way to store files. You need a workflow tool that can be integrate with your accounting software.

What to Look For

The first thing to consider when selecting a document management program or service is to make sure it gives you the ability to acquire electronic hard copies of documents that correspond with accounting data. Being able to store and reference original documentation is one of the primary functions of a document management program. In general, there is nothing new to the concept of filing away documents. Technology simply makes this process faster with automation and the ability to handle less paper. With digital documents, data can be retrieved and then transferred dramatically faster than if you were using filing cabinets, copy machines and other manual processes.

There are a number of online solutions available today which address the various workflow and document storage requirements of financial professionals. Many of these solutions boast features and functionality to address document storage and security requirements, but often lack easy integration with key applications. In an accounting practice that focuses on bookkeeping services for small businesses, it's important to make sure the solution you go with integrates with the software you use and the way you work with clients.

The SmartVault Solution

One service that has gained popularity over the past few years is SmartVault. SmartVault started out as a simple document storage and backup system for QuickBooks, but has evolved into a powerful general-purpose document management solution that integrates with a variety of applications. With nothing more than a login, clients can scan or upload documents directly to their SmartVault inbox. Then their accountant or bookkeeper can access them for processing wherever they are working from.

eFileCabinet as an Alternative

eFileCabinet is another solution that integrates with QuickBooks and offers a variety of document management solutions that fit the specific needs of individual bookkeepers and their clients. Although eFileCabinet offers efficient, time-saving document management, it appears to be developed in a manner that would best suit the needs of a growing business. In contrast, SmartVault’s features seem to be designed to give accountants or bookkeepers more features to work in conjunction with their client businesses. Both, however, offer businesses the ability to improve office processes and keep documents securely stored in the cloud.

In combination with other online services like QuickBooks hosting, applications like SmartVault or eFileCabinet allow the management of both financial data and supporting documents to be done easily over the internet. With these apps being used in the cloud, professionals can offer better services at lower rates. Moving work critical tools to the cloud is a perfect example of how professionals are using technology to maintain a competitive edge.



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