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Bookkeeping in the Cloud Benefits Accountants & Clients


Everyone Wins In The Cloud

Monday, June 24th 2013


Working closely with clients using virtual desktops, hosted applications and other online solutions can help you increase the efficiency and profitability of your practice or firm. The benefits, however, are not exclusively for the financial professional in being able to access client data without the travel time typically associated with client bookkeeping. The benefits can translate directly to the client business and often solve problems for which there is no other cost-effective solution available.

Online solutions like application hosting provide a new level of freedom for the business owner through greater flexibility in accessing the financial records at any time and from any location. Just as virtual desktop solutions allow accountants and bookkeepers to access client applications and data when they need to, the same goes for the business owner. Rather than reviewing books at the office, the owner can now review and analyze financial data whenever they need to, from any location. The business owner is no longer tied to the local network or a single location in order to access the accounting data.

bookkeeping in the cloud

Online and virtual solutions let you keep a single set of real-time books for businesses with multiple locations or business departments. For small businesses, creating a wide-area network is typically too expensive to implement and maintain, causing many companies to keep multiple sets of accounting applications, databases and computers to run them. Using an online solution like QuickBooks hosting gives all locations and business departments a single location to access company books. At any time, the owner can view the entire business’s books, because all of the data is current, real-time and in one location.

Business owners also benefit from having more accurate financial data through direct involvement with their bookkeeper or accountant. Utilizing online solutions allows professional accounting firms to be more directly involved with the client business, with the ability to immediately perform tasks like making adjustments or reconciliations. The ability to view company records at any time can introduce an additional level of insight and understanding that ultimately benefits the client business.

As an additional service CPAs offer their clients, hosted accounting applications are a low cost technology solution that have the ability to increase productivity for everyone. With the ability to easily acquire and use some of the latest cloud computing services like application hosting and virtual desktops, you don’t need to be an IT expert to start taking advantages of time and money saving technology for your practice, firm or business.







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